Jaipur, India

Hand Block Printed Work from our Talented Artisans

At Indigo by Boutin, we have the unique opportunity to work directly with manufacturers and tailors in the Rajasthan region, and have the ability to custom make any product that a client inquires about. The printing technique has been around for centuries, and dates back to as far the 12th century. Though it is easy to replicate and mass produce prints once they are designed, at Indigo we assure that each and every piece has been uniquely chosen. Our tailors have expressed the importance of this artwork, as it represents their passion as well as the strong attention to detail. The block printing process requires so much focus, and each block is painted so precisely that any stray mark can alter an entire piece of fabric. We are beyond grateful for the efforts of our printers and tailors in Jaipur, and are fortunate to have a group of such motivated and kind individuals to share this experience with!