About Us

Based in Venice Beach, we bring bespoke, handcrafted decor from artisans around the world to you. Our curated assortment of home decor & tabletop goods are an unmatched blend of Western beach life inspiration brought to life by the deep rooted antecedents of block printers and more.

The birth of Indigo By Boutin began with a trip in Rajasthan five years ago where I fell in love with not only the culture of the people, but their heritage craft of block printing.

Their beautiful work using bold color palettes and intricate designs is rooted in the importance of creating together as a community. Learning this was the catalyst of wanting to share their craft with friends and family from home, which led me to launch Indigo By Boutin.

Over the past three years I’ve worked on developing strong relationships with my suppliers, and value bringing their authentic talents and art to our customers.

Indigo By Boutin has since begun sourcing textiles and other products from around the world. Our curated assortment of home goods & decor bring a blend of contemporary design and west coast aesthetic into your home.